Jamstik 7 & Jamstik 12 Smart Guitars

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The next generation of

Smart Guitars is coming...

From the team that brought you the award-winning jamstik+ Smart Guitar...


...comes an all new generation of Smart Guitars

The Jamstik is a MIDI controller that works in the same fashion as a MIDI keyboard - only it's tailored for guitar players.

Jamstik is introducing two brand new models that open up even more musical possibilities for guitarists, learners, and producers alike.

Full MIDI Capability

• Real Strings and Feel

• 7 and 12 Fret Models

• Extended Battery Life

• Improved Ergonomics

• Touch Interface Controls

What can the Jamstik do?

A: It's a digital guitar controller that can make ANY sound with MIDI technology and 100's of Apps and Software programs for producing music. Zivix also makes free apps to teach you to play with real-time feedback.

There are two models?

A: Yes! We've built an accessible model for learners, and a performance model for guitarists and producers.

When can I get one?

A: We haven't announced the official launch dates, but expect to be able to preorder in Q1 2018!

Where can I buy the existing jamstik+?
A: You can purchase the existing jamstik+ at jamstik.com or Amazon.com

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